Cover 2The Center provides many great Texas resources right here on the web.  But if you are looking for more in depth analysis, you might try one of our many works published in conjunction with the TCU Press. Our diverse collection covers art, politics, history, cartography, university history, and especially biography.  The award-winning Texas Biography Series will introduce you to some characters you might not have met before or reveal previously unknown details about someone from the past you thought you knew.

Deep in the Art of Texas, our most recent publication, offers not just a tour of Texas artists, but a virtual tour of the romantic history and vast geography of the state itself.  The lively essays here—by the editor Michael Duty, collector J. P. Bryan, and Ron Tyler, the former director of the Amon Carter Museum— do more than illuminate the works themselves: they shed light on the creators and collectors of Texas art from the nineteenth century through the middle of the twentieth.

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