The Center for Texas Studies at TCU aims to celebrate all that makes Texas distinctive.

As part of the historic AddRan College of Liberal Arts, we are positioned to draw on a variety of disciplines and scholarly resources to share the message that there is always something new to learn about this great state.  Our broad educational approach often takes us off campus and into the community where our programs examine history, literature, anthropology, ethnography, politics, religions, philosophy, art, music, food–all elements of the incredible Lone Star mosaic.

Texas possesses a rich heritage unmatched elsewhere in the United States. The historic, cultural, geological, and linguistic diversity that began with the earliest Native American inhabitants, continued through the Spanish, French, Mexican and Republic eras, and marched into the twenty-first century marks Texas as unique.  Moreover, it guides how we celebrate the past, the present and the future. It’s no wonder that the classic Texas values of honor, individualism, entrepreneurship, and valor emerged from those many varied layers.

The Center celebrates the distinctiveness of Texas culture by sponsoring public history events, organizing teacher workshops, collaborating with related state and local organizations, and publishing books on Texas in partnership with the TCU Press.