Texas Podcasts

Love podcasts and Texas? Check out the list below to indulge both interests!
Please note that not all of the podcasts listed here are currently airing new episodes. We’ve included those titles for their wealth of archived episodes.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the following podcasts do not necessarily reflect those of the Center for Texas Studies at TCU.

Texas Story Podcast – Vietnam on Tape
Texas Story Podcast – Stevie Ray Vaughan
A New History of Old Texas
Stories from Texas
Come and Take It
Stories from the Rio Grande
Wise about Texas
White Hats

News & Current Events
National Podcast of Texas
The Brief
Point of Order with Evan Smith
Party Politics

True Crime
Gone Cold
Selena: A Star Dies in Texas
Out of the Cold
All Crime No Cattle
Texas CrimeCast
Texas Crime Files
My Aryan Princess
Tom Brown’s Body
Shane and Sally

Food & Drink
BBQ State of Mind
Tales from the Pits
Fort Worth Food Stories
This is Texas Wine
Fire & Smoke

Talk Like a Texan
Hey Amarillo
Tara in the Neighborhood (Rio Grande Valley)
West Texas Talk
Beyond the River Walk
Waco History Podcast
Houston Matters
State of Mind
Marfa for Beginners

Texas Sports Hall of Fame
Texas Football Today
Texas Sports Nation (Houston)
Talkin’ Cowboys
Locked on Rangers
Locked on Spurs
Two Shots Podcast (San Antonio Spurs)
On Second Thought (UT Longhorns)
Burnt Orange Nation
America’s Girls

Parks and Wildlife, Conservation, & Travel
We Will Not Be Tamed
Under the Texas Sky
Passport to Texas
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation
Vanishing Postcards

Music, Art, Literature, & Architecture
Cover Stories
Notably Texan
The Shape of Texas
Austin Art Talk
Texas Troubadour
The Breaks
Texas Poets Podcast
Writers’ League of Texas
One by Willie

The FrogCast
Toad Talk
TCU 360
TCU Magazine
Reconcile This!