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4th Grade TEKS Exercise

Use this activity to achieve item 4(16)(A): explain the meaning of various patriotic symbols and landmarks of Texas, including the six flags that flew over Texas, the San Jacinto Monument, the Alamo, and various missions. See Texas Flags for more in depth information.

  • Part 1—Learn the Six Flags of Texas:  Each student will be given a set of the flags that have flown over Texas (provided below) and will be asked to fill in the missing colors on each flag. Then on a separate sheet of paper, students should describe the symbolism of each labeled section of the flag.  Resources needed:
    1. Texas Timeline
    2. Map pencils, pencils, paper
    3. Flag Symbolism Activity Key
  • Part 2—Design your own Texas flag.  Each student will design a flag for Texas.  They will choose the colors and symbols that they believe stand for Texas or that makes Texas special to them.  Have them write a statement explaining why they chose the colors and symbols they did.  Send your complete projects to the Center and we’ll post some of the designs on our Facebook page.  Be sure to include the teacher’s name, email address, school name, mailing address, and phone number.  Resources needed:
    1. Map pencils, pencils, paper
    2. Design A Flag Handout


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