Preserving our Past Community History Workshops

Our partner for the Preserving our Past Community History Workshops, the Fort Worth Public Library, records and uploads our programs. Below we have embedded just some of the many wonderful programs of the past. To view more workshops, please visit the Fort Worth Public Library’s Youtube page. To learn more about the Preserving our Past Community History Workshops, click here.


Prostitution and Power: Madams of Hell’s Half-Acre, 1876-1920, presented by Jessica Webb



Building the Dallas Cowboys Archive, presented by Jonathan Thorn



My Corner Bookstore, presented by Alex Hidalgo



Nothing but Love in God’s Water: Black Sacred Music from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement, presented by Robert Darden



Remembering Fort Worth’s Iconic Restaurants, presented by Bud Kennedy



Hispanic Texas: Genealogical Stewpot, presented by Janet Khashab



Sacred Sanctuaries: African-American Churches in Fort Worth, presented by Jabari Jones