Hidden Gardens of BRIT: A Showcase of the Herbaria & Library Collections

Fort Worth Library 500 W. Third St., Fort Worth, TX

Want to learn about the Botanic Research Institute of Texas (BRIT)? It’s more than just a beautiful garden! Barney L. Lipscomb, Director of the BRIT Press and Library and the Leonhardt Chair of Texas Botany joins us to discuss the Herbarium and Library, two research collections at BRIT that are the cornerstones of the BRIT... Read more »

The People’s Revolt: Texas Populists and the Roots of American Liberalism

Fort Worth Library 500 W. Third St., Fort Worth, TX

Who were the original Populists and how did they shape American politics? Gregg Cantrell, author of The People's Revolt and the Roots of American Liberalism, will explore the historical roots of Texas populism and the hallmarks of the movement. He will contrast historic populists' contribution to the development of American liberalism with the identity of populists in politics today. Gregg Cantrell holds... Read more »

Fort Worth 1895-1945 (Extended Education Course)

This second in a three-part survey course of Fort Worth history explores the city's transition from frontier town to 20th century industrial center, and includes discussion of the development of the Stockyards, labor and social challenges, the Depression, Frontier Centennial, and the World War Two years The class is divided into two evenings of lecture... Read more »